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.x.Memories of You Never Fade Away.x. [entries|friends|calendar]

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*blinks* [23 Jan 2007|06:07pm]
I know, me writing again. I'm so bad at this. But the doctors think one of the reasons I might be so sick is because of stress. And the best way for me to take out stress is to write. Soooo here I am! Writing. But about what? Well I guess I could recap the last few months? I'd say since...uhm August. Here we go::

I officially moved into my first apartment ever. And so far it has been amazing. We (Bk and I) are almost done with furniture. All we need now is a bed frame and a coffee table (but more for his liking then mine). It was awesome. Everything was awesome. Everything has been awesome. Oh how I love that boy.

September: Started working management positions and kitchen lead shifts all the time. THEY TRUST ME! *laughs* Scary, I know. Me? Ms. Insecurity running a shift? I think I've got some stuff figured out. Thanks to three specific people. *btw I've learned how to take constructive critism for the most part. Yes, the most part. A huge step for me!

October: Worked, School, I was acutally passing! GO ME!

November: First time ever meeting Bk's family. I think I can say that it went okay. *smiles*

December: My first christmas at my own home. It was absolutely amazing. Anyway. I'm going to go. Ill write more in a few days. my dinner just got here
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WHAT! [23 Aug 2006|03:34am]

My First Apartment...


What do you know about that?

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Ha. [04 Jun 2006|02:52am]
[ mood | content ]

So I seem to only update when I have absoluetly nothing else to do and it's some random ass time of night. Ha. Anyway. I need a place to collect my thoughts. Sounds like a great idea!!! If I do say so myself. Lets start from January this year.

Continued to spiral into a downward fall with the lovely addiction to cocaine.
Nearly totaled my car.
Entered ReHab.
Realized who my real true friends where.
(Thank you Brian, Kati, Trish, Greg, Nik and BK)
Started getting with BK.

Unthinkable happens.
I truely test my limits as a friend.
I realize that the true friends I have, are true. They didn't abandon me when everyone else did.
I deny my feelings and cover them up and continue to ignore them.

Unthinkable is resolved.
I realize I really can't ignore what I'm denying and come to face with it.

I turn 19.
I lose control of the feelings, and realize now its to late to turn back.
I stop doing drugs completely.
I haven't smoked Pot since 420. Nor done Coke since Feb.

I make a choice between the two paths. One or the Other.
I know I made the right choice.
BK and I are now together.
I realize how much I fucked up in school.

Decide to get my shit together.
Still with BK.


Short term:
Go on Vacation. Away from VA.
Take out Loan for new Car.
Choose Classes for school.

Long Term:
Find apartment/Townhouse.
Get New Car
Pay off Loan
Actually Apply myself at school.  Do well.
Move out.
Find a better paying Job while still staying at Rubys.

Sounds like all fun and games.  So far this year has been the year from hell.  Really it has.  And I don't want to think about it, but I have to.  And I accept what has happened and how it could have been prevented.  I over come the cocaine addiction.  I'm not trying to get attention or brag.  But I'm damn proud of myself for overcoming it and taking action by myself.   Also.  The unthinkable situation occured and no matter how hard the decision was and to this day is I know I made the right choice.  And if it was meant to be, then it was meant to be, the unthinkable will occur again.  As for BK.  Every girl dreams of being treated as a queen, or a princess.  Every girl goes from some boy to another claiming they have fallen in love.  And he's "the one".  But ow I actually think this.  I wouldn't speak of it to him at least not now and not in the near future.  But we made a decision together and where in a situation harder then most and we pulled through together which we wouldn't have done by ourselves.  That's a lot to say about someone.  And every time we kiss, its better then the last, everytime he touches me, it sends chills down my back.  I get those fairy tale feelings of the "the one".  It scares me honestly.

Well I'm quiet aware this is to much babbling for one of these types of posts.  Everyone Farewell and Good Night.

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[01 May 2006|10:41pm]
I think I've found him.

After all of this time.

he stood in the shadows.

Now i know what true love really feels like.
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[22 Mar 2006|01:50am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

What do you hate most about the world?:  Ignorance to the real problems

What do you love about the world?: the random people who show so much compassion and dedication

If America were to fall, what would be the cause?: Just one plain word:  Bush

What is man's greatest threat?: himself

How will the world end?: nuclear explosion at the end of a long drawn out battle of wits between the future two super powers like the cold war but all over agin.

What would you kill for?: Family, Friends

What would you die for?: Family, Friends

What do you live for?: Tomorrow.

Do you want to live forever?: No, just enough to accomplish my goal.

What is your biggest weakness?: Not being able to say no, and running myself in to the ground because of it.

What is your greatest strength?: being there when needed.

What do you want to change about yourself?: Fix my problems with my Mom.

Tell me your thoughts on God.: I never thought I'd believe in that stuff again, but lately, I've been questioning it.

The Devil.: He exists.

Heaven.: Yes.

Hell.:All 9 rings of hell.

The human soul.: inside it is pure, we just ignore it.

What is your worst fear?: being alone.

What makes you happy?: seeing a smile on my sisters faces after I've done something for them that makes them happy.

What are some of your regrets?:My relationship with my mom

Who do you look up to?: ...My Mom, for raising three girls on her own, dealing with two marriages, a hard and demanding job, and coming home and saying good night to us, even though she thinks we are asleep.

Who looks up to you?: i would hope the people that continuously ask me for advice, and my sisters...but who knows.

Is revenge the answer?: definately not, Karma is a bitch.

What is the best way to get rid of an enemy?: keep you friends close and your enemies closer..

What do you want to be remembered for?: helping to better others lives

Would you rather learn from your mistakes/sins or have them forgiven?: learn from them

Confess some of your more recent sins.: running away forever

What is your deepest, darkest secret?: if i confess it then it isn't exactly a secret anymore.

Do video games and rock n roll cause violence?: No, parents need to teach their children not to do that.

What was your last... mistake:  denying everything that was going on.

Dream?: as in goals?  to be loved and to love.

Nightmare?: I keep having them.

Time you cried?: earlier today

Time you laughed?: a couple of hours ago.

Person you loved?: loved is such a strong word, be careful with it.

Person you hated?: I strongly dislike, but dont really hate them.

Person you talked to?: Kati on the phone, Brian on IM

Lie?: white lies everynow and then thats okay.

Big loss?: I can't say right now.

Big mistake?: school.

Law you broke?: quiet a few

Rule you broke?: illegal U-turn.

Thing you broke?: a plate at work.

Proud moment?: make people smile..

Big accomplishment?: getting my homework done every night.

Person you hurt (physically or emotionally)?: mom-emotionally.

Have you ever... and why

Been discriminated against?: had been

Been made fun of?: yep

Wanted to die?: this last week

Hurt yourself?: unfortunatly

Attempted suicide?: no.

Wanted to kill someone?: maim?  yes, and i work with him.

Wanted everyone to die?: nope?

Gotten into a fight?: yep, too many.

Pretended to be someone or something you're not?: i have.

Had sex?: yes

Watched porn?: hell yea, i hang out with all guys.

Masturbated?: ha.

Committed a crime?: Yup.

Done drugs?:yep

Consumed alcohol?: last night

Smoked?: like a few minutes ago

Been caught doing something "bad"?: yep

Broken a promise?: not too often cause i dont make promises i dont intend to keep

*|Don't even notice*

Time For Something New [17 Jan 2006|01:55pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So. This is my first entry in a long time. Ah, the wonders of what life can do to suck you in. I came to a few realizations as of late. Or as of this weekend.
1. That boy I love. Yes, I love him. I do, and he's my first love and it will take time to go away. It's hard to see him and leave again, knowing we are nothing but just good friends. But I've come to accept that. I have. And though pangs of jealousy do sweep through me everynow and then. I can finally smile and know that everything with us is great, and our friendship is great and there is nothing to worry about.
2.Setting my limits. I went to Tennessee this weekend. Clearly defied my parents wishes. I didn't get in trouble. I only got the guilt trip of a life time. And yea, it bothers me. It bothers me alot. But i needed to set my limits and theirs. They expect me to act like an adult talk like an adult and be an adult. Then they need to let me make decisions like an adult. And this weekend I did. They didn't like it, but at least one has come around and said. 'Oh well. That's the way life works.' That's now two HUGE steps for me.
3. Now the chaos and disorder. I got kicked out of school. It was my fault, I should have tried harder. And now that I'm gone. I wish I had. I really wish I had. I hate being up here, and I'm nothing but a nervous wreck waiting to go off. But I did, lay this plate in front of me. And I now have to put everything together. Going to NOVA, just isn't cutting it. And it won't cut it for a while. But I will be re=applying to Longwood this fall. Or applying to Mason, one of the two. I know what I want, and where I want to be. And its not up here anymore.
4. I've learned how to let go and move on. At least to a new extent. Sure every now and then something will cross my mind and I'll get heated. But nothing I completely freak out about. Which is good. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing I wouldn't do to just have a complete and utter freak out vent session with one of my girls right now and every now and then in the future. But who doesn't need that vent at some point?
5. Weight. If you've known me for a while, you know I've always had an inner battle about weight. Constantly belittling myself and such. But now, its different. So what. I've come to accept that I'll never be model thin, or perfectly shaped like a few of my dear friends. But I have come to look at myself in the mirror and more mornings then most I've sat back and been like. "Hey, I don't look so bad today." And say it with a smile on my face. That to me, is a huge accomplishment.

Okay, I guess this is enough rambling for me today. Ill try to update more often, but no promises. I'm not great with this sort of stuff. Love ya guys

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scary kinda [02 Dec 2005|03:30am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

You scored as Punk/Rebel.








Ghetto gangsta








Drama nerd


What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Would You? [08 Nov 2005|12:30am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Fill it out...you know you wanna

Hair (color and style):

1. Where would we go on dates?
2. Who are three of your favorite bands/artists?
3. Do you drink/smoke??
4. Do you like the beach?
5. If so...would you go with me late at night?
6. Do you like movies?
7. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night?
8. If you were to take me out to a movie would we watch the movie?
9. If not what would we be doing?
10. Do you play an instrument?
11. If so...what?
12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother to make sure i made it home alright?
13. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10?
14. Favorite body part on a guy?
15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself?
16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, player, slut)?
17. Would you give me kisses just because?

What Would You do if...
I cried:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you: I'd kiss you back
I wanted to have sex with you:
I touched your ass:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got in a fight and you were there:
I got dumped:
I pissed you off:

Would You...
Be my friend:
Tell me the truth no matter what:
Buy me a birthday gift:
Lie to make me feel better:
Hold me in times of need:
Ditch me:
Use me:
Ask me out:
Date me:
Have sex with me:
Spread rumors about me:
Keep a secret if I told you one:
Loan me some cash:
Hold my hand:
Keep in touch:
Make me a snack:
Try and solve my problems:
Love me:
Makeout with me:
Makeout with me whenever you had the chance:
Hold me and make my problems go away:

*|Don't even notice*

Its been a very long time [25 Oct 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hey. Yea. I'm not dead. Sorry. Its been a long time. I know. I have a lot to tell you. First and foremost. I miss my friends back home. Going home last weekend to see my sisters was my main point. Because I miss them more then life it's self. Then, there was the whole getting to see my friends. I got to see people, that I didn't think I missed as much as I did. Like Brian. I miss brian alot. And getting shit faced with him on friday night was fucking amazing. I also got to see Hanner. Who is my favoritest person ever along with Matt. And of course TJ. And last but not least, I got to see my girls. Kati, Angela and Mal. It was great. Friday night was awesome until like 230 AM till about 700AM. But then, everything was okay. Saturday was cool. I got to spend time with my sis and help her get ready for homecoming and I went to the game to watch the gaurd show. But NOOOO of course its to wet and they won't come out onto the field because of the competition this weekend. Anywho. Lets start from back in like September.

September. A LOT of stuff happened. The whole bit about getting used to school and what not. It was stressful. Very. I made some kick ass friends though. For instance, Becky, who is my main girl at school. Then there is Deanna and Amanda. who refer to me as "Kimafer" And lets not forget Smokehut aka Jeanna, Whittney, Austin, Bruce, Will, Y-Not, Miami, Chelsea, Dori, Melanie, Katie, Katie, Erin, BooBoo, Alisha, Rob, Rick, Mickey!!!!!, and a few other people. Oh yea. And Justin. I dont speak about Justin. He fucked with my head one to many times and made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. So much for letting myself fall for guys again. Look where it got me. Anyway. No bitching this post. I also got to see Kevin Fry. He came home on R&R and drove down here and spent the night down here. I proved a very valid point with him. There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do here in farmvegas. Yep you read right. We call this place Farmvegas. but still it was nice to see him. I actually then got into my school work and started to do stuff.

October. Now its October. I went to Tennessee to see Eric. Sure, there isn't much to do around there, ecspecially since neither of us had money but i still had an awesome time. And I miss him so incrediably much. The rest of this month so far has been the usual. Go to class, get drunk, get high, go to sleep. Except for on Wed, when we go to Macados, for karoke night. Then its go to class, go to macados, come back and sleep. The weekends consist of sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. That's all I do on the weekends, and so help you if u are the one to wake me up on saturday morning earlier then 12. Also, Sunday is Football day. We sit around watch the games and have a good time. Yep. That's about it.

I've been thinkin alot about home lately. I really really miss a few specific people. And when I chilled with one of them on Friday, it made me think about a lot of stuff and made me miss a lot of stuff. But oh well, thats how stuff works now. Anywho. I'm out. PEACE!

oh yea, come down and see me bitches!

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Yay! [04 Sep 2005|10:50am]
I can't fucking wait! Kevin comes home this week! And I'll get to see him soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[29 Aug 2005|10:52pm]
I need to come home.
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so foolish. [28 Aug 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So, I mentioned yesterday, there would be more to come on the subject with the "<3" anyway. Here it is. The heart came from a certin person's emails(how he never made an actual smiley face but did it with letters) so now I associate it with him. Back to the real actual post. So I find it odd. That I fell for a boy through the internet. Not that I met him on here. I didn't. I met him back home. In Reston. We hung out only once or twice, and didn't really hang out we just met up for a few minutes, and he gave me a ride home. Then he left. He went to Iraq. At first, we talked only through emails. Which I have all saved, but then we started to talk online, through AIM. He's been gone for a long time now. Since I think Feburary. Right before Trish's birthday. We started talking a bit about the stupid stuff. Then we started talking about more important things. Stuff that was going on that involved me. Stuff that involved him in Iraq. And we got closer. Over time. We where talking a couple months ago, and something in me changed when he said something along the lines of you can always make me laugh. I felt a blush creep over my cheeks and i couldn't get the smile off my face. I guess that's when I figured I had a crush. Now time's gone by, a considerable amount of time. I somewhat drifted away, caught up in work, hanging out with friends, trying to enjoy my last summer here. I started talking to him again, and it came back. I saw myself worrying over him. I watched the News to make sure nothin was going on around him. And when it did, I worried. Anyway. I was talking to him last night. And he told me, he liked me. He liked me. Not as a little sister. But that he actually LIKED meaning CARED about me. Let me tell you. That made my night. Now he's going on his R&R on Sept. 5. He'll be back the 9th. He said he'd come visit me. Now what goes through my mind is. Is he really gonna come down, or am I gettin my hopes up for nothin. It's not that I doubt him, I'm just afraid somethin will come up, and all his boys will just wanna chill with him. And then he won't come. Stupid reason to fret right? It's just damn plain foolish.

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First Couple of Days [28 Aug 2005|03:17am]
[ mood | drunk ]

So Here I am. I am in College. Longwood University! TABB 3RD FLOOR ROCKS. Okay. So I'm in Tabb 321, top floor of the building and no fucking elevator. I know it sounds lazy but walking up and down three flights of stairs numerous times a day, its just ugh. Tiring. My roommate is fucking awesome as shit. Stacey is so cool. So is her friend Travis? The question mark is because I don't think they are "friends" maybe boyfriend and girlfriend, even though she denies it. No fucking way. He's in love with her. I see it when he looks at her. Anyway. A recap of what's been going on as of late.

Thursday: I moved in. It was like a bazillion degrees in here. I met up with Matt for Dinner then came back here. Me, Stacey and Travis went to a party. Left, it was to sketchy. Crashed early.

Friday: Full of meetings we had to go to. I hadn't met any of the girls so far. Just Stacey. So we went to the meetings. Imet up with Matt, we hung out and I met Kati, Eric, Melanie and Archer. We smoked a blunt. I also later that night met Dominique. We ordered Pizza and were just wild and obnoxious causing a rucous in the room. i.e. Racing up and down the stairs, having burping contests etc. Anyway. I stayed up late and Stacey and Travis came stumbling into the room drunk, Travis slept here and left early. Stacey and I went back to sleep. I went to a drug and alcohol class thing. It was actually really really fucking funny. So much fun with that woman, and afterwards when I talked to her, I made her cry. Not on purpose, but i asked her why she did what she did, and she told me her son was an alcoholic. And well, yea. That brought the tears. Way to go kim! Anyway. Then I hung out. Matt, Martha (another girl I met) we went to brunch and ( i didn't eat) then went to watch these skits on like date rape etc. It was really good. I went because my R.A. is the president of the drama club, and she helped put it together, so i had to go. Then I came back here and CRASHED. Stacey and I climbed into our beds around 3 and didn't wake up until like 6. Then Dominique and I ordered Chinese food and ate. I was soo hungry, then she left. I took a shower and came back and chilled and did homework. Because yes, I already have homework. Then, the girls across the hall, came to find Stacey. I told them she was already out soo, they were like, well you are coming out to. So I got dressed and went to a Frat Party. I have no idea the name of it. I got obliderated. So then we walked back here, Me, Deanna, Jessica, Lauren, Amanda, Meredith and met up with Angela. Then came back to Deanna's room and chilled. We ate a bunch of food, i told them all about my secret crush! iHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ((more on that later)) and we hung out. I came back to the room around like 200. Now I'm chillin, talkin to Kevin. <3 and now im still talkin to Kevin and watchin Planet of the Apes. Stacey isn't here so I have the room to myself tonight. I'm excited. Anyway. I'm out. Peace, Love and Chicken Grease.

*|Don't even notice*

One Last Day [23 Aug 2005|07:03pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So. We are all heading our own ways. I have to say, its been an interesting last few years. From people moving, to people breaking up and getting together. Friendships faltering and then being fixed, or friendships being ended. Hard choices and severe consicences. I must say. I'm not exactly thrilled to leave it all. I know, its now time to grow up. Deal with real life. But I must say, I got a taste of it these last few years, and I'm not sure I want to deal with it. I keep imagining college as a "camp" like one of those over night camps? I mean, i went away for a month before. It wasn't hard, I was always out doing stuff, but then again I was around horses constantly to. I'll have horses there, but not like I did in New York. But I keep telling myself that it will be just like that, but only a bit longer. I've got my internet, so I'll be able to keep in touch with people, and stuff like that. Email, I still can talk to Kevin, my favorite person in the world. I can still talk to Chris, my buddy. I can still talk to Kati, one of my best friends. But I won't be able to talk to Nik that much, same with BK, or Sara. Hopefully I'll be seeing Anna up at William and Mary. Hopefully. Then of course AJ will be coming down in a few weeks for pledge week, he promised to take me out, get me out and help me meet more people, he knows how I'm super shy. My room mate is pretty cool, so are the girls around me. I made a scrapbook, at least something I can look through when I get homesick. I also have an awesome job waiting for me when I get back. Because Jim is cool like that, along with Monika. Who told me she'd be sure I kept my job, and is keeping me on the payroll. I guess those are some things to look forward to. And now I can go see Eric, with out getting a bunch of shit for it either. And I'm spending the morning with Momma Noll tomorrow.

So, sofar, I've said my good byes to my close friends, Kati, Brian, TJ, Matt, Chris, somewhat to Trish. I guess I'm set now. Well, good luck everyone.

*|Don't even notice*

Long time.... [23 Jul 2005|02:26pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So its been a while since I've updated. Yes, I know. I've been out, hanging out with friends, and working. So now, as it draws close I leave for college in a little less then a month now.

Am I scared? Yes, very. In fact, I don't want to go. Not at all. I had a breif talk with a friend of mine, who didn't go to college, and he informed me that this was the best thing for me, no matter how much I didn't want to go. I'm scared shitless of going. New people, all over the place. A little reasurrance from AJ my manager. He went to Longwood, and will be down there a few times over the next semester, and he promised me he'd come and see me, and make sure I was comfortable. It's nice knowing though he can be an ass, he is still gonna look out for me.

Work is going okay. I love the people I work with. I have so much with them. 'Specially Greg aka Scrump, Nik, Matt, Julia and BK.

I still hang out with Jared, and Chris on occasion. I will admit though.

I do miss kati and Mal.

i have to go though. Time for work.

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who, what when, BORED [28 Jun 2005|01:06am]
Who Last

Slept in your bed: Me, had some twisted wacky dream
Saw you cry: myself
Made you cry: Mom
You went to the movies with: Chris
You went to the mall with? Mal and Sarah

Have You Ever...

Said "I Love You" : yepp
Been to California: yep
Been to Mexico : yep
Been to China: no
Been to Canada: yep
Been to Europe: yep
Wish you were the opposite sex: only sometimes, *I hate PMS*

Right Now...

Do you have a crush on someone: hahaha, yea
What book(s) are you reading now: Queen of the Damned
Future KIDS name: No, idea.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: no
Whats under your bed?: nothing
Favorite sport to watch: football or horse racing
Location: northern VA
Piercings/Tattoos: nadda
What are you most scared of: heights, being alone
Where do you want to get married: in a field on ireland
What do you really hate?: strongly dislike? Alot, Hate, a few
do you have a job: yeppers, oh how i love the tuesday's people
Do you like being around people: most of the time
Have you ever cried: wolf? yes
Are you lonely right now: yes and no, haha, my perdicament sucks

Have you ever-

Been in love: yes
Played strip poker: yes
Broken the law: hahahahahahaha
Cried yourself to sleep: yeah
Did something you said you wouldn't do: um, yes
Asked someone out: yes, i would now, but im to fucking shy
Been on radio/tv: umm.... i don't know, but I did call the radio station and talk to the DJ, i duno if i was on-air or not
*|Don't even notice*

[12 Jun 2005|11:18pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I owe the world to three guys right now.

Matt D.

Jared F.

Eric N.

if it weren't for these three guys tonight. I dont know what I would do with myself right now.

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[31 May 2005|08:27pm]
i've been thinking about college lately.

I dont think im ready

i dont think i can do this

i fucking hate this.
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birthday [17 Apr 2005|12:05pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

YAY! Today is my birthday!


I'm legal! finally!

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I am the Queen Pimpstress [10 Apr 2005|07:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm at Kati's right now and I decided to talk to Nick online, and things got a bit out of hand. hahah, this is the fucking best!

Kim: nick, its kim, ur mom says to finish your questionair (SP?) from going to work with her now
Kim: thanks
Nick: lol
Kim: now little man
Nick: im done
Kim: prove it
Kim: :-D
Nick: bitch :-P
Nick: just kidding
Kim: wtf
Kim: ur ass is mine little man
Nick: dont talk to me in that tone of voice
Nick: ill lay the smackdown on your candy ass
Kim: lol you suck nick, be nice to kim ((kati stole the comp back))
Kim: she'll whoop you
Kim: "ghetto black style"
Nick: i have to keep my pimp hand strong :-P
Kim: :-)
Kim: lol fuck you ((and I'm back))
Kim: ur stupid
Kim: kim says "mine's stronger"
Nick: pshhh
Nick: she wishes she had half the hos that i gots :-P
Kim: "bring it... i have more penises than u'll eva have"
Kim: so shut up nick
Nick: well i only have one, i think thats all i need
Nick: w00t
Kim: haha, yes, but to pimp out ur chicks u gotta have penis's around
Nick: shit i dont need no motherfuckers crampin my style and ruining my game
Nick: ill tell those punk ass bitches to hit the road
Kim: hahah
Kim: bitch ill have matt kick ur ass
Kim: hahah bixnitch
Kim: biznitch***
Kim: wtf
Kim: dont start that shit i'll kick ur ass nick
Nick: im comin down right now to beat yo ass fool
Nick is away at 7:02:27 PM.
Kim: bring it biznitch!!!

*|Don't even notice*

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